Compensation for loss of earnings

Compensation for loss of earnings

Currently, the Darmstadt Regional Council is the correct contact for processing claims for loss of earnings. As of January 1, this will become the responsibility of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.

The Darmstadt Regional Council has taken over the processing of all claims for loss of earnings throughout Hesse in accordance with sections 56 to 58 of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG), insofar as these claims arise as a result of measures taken in connection with the spread of the SARSCoV-2 virus.

An application is now possible for Hesse at Only online applications will be accepted. Paper applications submitted after April 15, 2021 will be returned (section 56 para. 11 p. 2 IfSG in conjunction with. Paragraph 2 (2) of the (Hessian) Ordinance on the Determination of Responsibilities in the Field of the Infection Protection Act for the Control of Corona Virus (IfSG-ZustV)). Exceptions to this only apply to the applications in accordance with section 56 para. 4 and section 58 IfSG (see sections 6 and 7 of our information sheet).

Loss of earnings may be compensated under the following conditions:

  • In the case of quarantine measures ordered for employees by the health authorities or another competent body, the State of Hesse is obliged to compensate employers for any loss of earnings (Section 56 (1) and Section 66 IfSG). Self-employed persons can submit their own application.
  • In the event of the closure of schools and kindergartens or other childcare facilities, if the other statutory requirements are met, loss of earnings compensation may be paid in accordance with section 56(1a) IfSG for periods beginning on March 30 for the care of children under the age of twelve for up to ten weeks per parent. Single parents are entitled to reimbursement of lost earnings for up to 20 weeks. The age limit does not apply to children who are dependent on assistance due to a disability.