Apply for student visa

Who do I need to contact?

To the German diplomatic mission responsible for your place of residence.

Tip: A list of the representations of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad is provided by the Federal Foreign Office on its online pages.

Directory of the Representations of the Federal Republic of Germany Abroad

Do you live in the northern district: municipality of Willingen (Upland), municipality of Diemelsee, city of Diemelstadt, city of Volkmarsen, city of Bad Arolsen, city of Lichtenfels, city of Bad Wildungen, municipality of Vöhl or in the city of Waldeck? Then you will find the right contact persons for your request here:

First letter surname

Responsible processing

A - Aln

Kilian Emde

Aa - Aln

Pascal Kesper

Alo - Az, H, I, S

Jenta Sesselmann

B, E, D, U, V, W, X

Detlef Reimann

B, E, L, Mj - Mz

Jörg Jordan

Alo - Az, C, G

Eleni Bangert


Judith Schlömer


Elfi Schäfer


Gerlinde Plücker

F, J, K, L, M, N

Larissa horse mackerel

F, J, Kh - Kz, V, Y, U, X

Franziska Brücher

H, I, S, Y, UMA

Schlüter, Sabine

Ka-Kg, 0, P, Q, Z

Marie-Laureen Grabarz

Ma-Mi, N, UMA

Claudia Jellen

O, P,Q, R, T, Z

Beate Hocke


Monika Plathe

If you live in the southern district: Gemeinde Edertal, Stadt Frankenau, Stadt Frankenberg (Eder), Gemeinde Allendorf (Eder), Stadt Hatzfeld (Eder), Gemeinde Burgwald, Gemeinde Haina (Kloster), Stadt Gemünden (Wohra) or in the Stradt Rosenthal, you will find your contact persons here:

First letter surname

Responsible processing


Carolina Bergener


Fatine Atas


Gerlinde Schäfer-Vogel


Dominik Stenzel


Andreas Hartmann

Responsible departments

Responsible employees