Numbers in Rosenthal on the rise: Measures are strengthened

District-wide in Waldeck-Frankenberg since last week again rising infection numbers with the Coronavirus are to be registered. In particular in the city of Rosenthal, the confirmed cases have now climbed to a peak of 40 currently infected persons. Within the last seven days, 17 new cases have occurred among only about 2,200 residents in Rosenthal, which is about 6.6 times the figure for the county as a whole, with 184 new cases among 156,320 residents in the same period. Together, the district and the city are therefore now strengthening the protective measures to slow down the increase.

In recent weeks, there had been an increase in infections, particularly in connection with the daycare center and elementary school. "Currently, the numbers continue to rise. Almost all persons who were quarantined as a precautionary measure have now tested positive," reports Karl-Friedrich Frese, First District Commissioner and Head of the Health Department of the district. "Therefore, as a precaution, we have initiated even further protective measures."

For example, the "Pusteblume" daycare center and the Nicolaus Hilgermann School will remain closed for another week after the Easter vacations for security reasons. In plain language, this means that both facilities will be closed until April 23. Also project days, which should take place during the Easter vacations in the school, are stopped. This has been agreed by the district together with the daycare provider, the city of Rosenthal and the State Education Authority in Fritzlar. A corresponding general decree will be issued by the district.

Emergency care for children whose care cannot be provided in any other way may be arranged - both in the elementary school and in the day care center. Parents can contact the two facilities for details. However, the district points out that this should be limited to absolutely exceptional cases in the context of infection control. Privately organized care should also be refrained from, as the current aim is to continue to keep personal contacts to a necessary minimum in order to contain the development of the pandemic.

To this end, in addition, in coordination with the Waldeck-Frankenberg police department and the public order office of the city of Rosenthal, the controls to ensure compliance with the Corona rules are to be intensified once again. "The aim here is not to reprimand people, but to ensure the best possible protection against infection - for everyone's safety," the First District Commissioner continues. However, he also emphasizes, "Many people on the ground are already doing their part, complying with the guidelines and regulations and pulling together to keep the situation under control. In the same way, however, we must now continue and not let up."

The mayor of the city of Rosenthal, Hans Waßmuth, agrees: "We currently have an infection in our city, which we can only contain together by showing solidarity and adhering to the rules together. He therefore calls on all citizens to continue to be attentive and prudent.