Daily record: 1,664 vaccinations on Saturday

On Saturday, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district vaccinated more people against the coronavirus than ever before in one day. A total of 1,664 vaccinations were administered to eligible vaccinees - 1,107 of them at the Korbach vaccination center and 557 via the mobile vaccination teams.

As of today, this means that 46,149 people have been vaccinated against the virus in the district - 33,389 initial vaccinations, which corresponds to a vaccination rate of 21.4 percent, and 12,760 second vaccinations, which corresponds to a rate of 8.2 percent. The vaccinations administered since the beginning of April in the family doctor's offices in Waldeck-Frankenberg are still to be added. These cannot yet be included in the quota, as the district does not yet have the data available.

Saturday's vaccinations were administered both at the vaccination center in Korbach and through the mobile teams - to eligible people in the current prioritization groups who received an appointment through the state of Hesse's portal, as well as eligible people in clinics and other facilities. Also through the county's vaccination backlog platform, 33 members of prioritization groups 1 and 2 received doses on Saturday that were left over because some registered vaccinees did not keep their appointment. In total, this has allowed 966 people to receive a vaccination appointment through the Vaccination Repeater Platform since it began.

Special delivery from the country

"The record daily number of vaccinations was possible because we received an increased allocation of vaccine from the state of Hesse in recent days," report District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat and First District Commissioner Karl-Friedrich Frese. "The special delivery has put us in the fortunate position of being able to really go full throttle over the weekend." He said it was encouraging to see that vaccinations in Waldeck-Frankenberg were progressing steadily - even though there were, of course, still numerous eligible people who unfortunately could not be offered vaccinations at the moment. "However, we as a district unfortunately have almost no influence on this, since the appointment allocation for the vaccinations runs through the state of Hesse."

sThe county had opened registration options for Prioritization Group 3 enrollees last Friday. To that end, the county has received numerous inquiries in recent days as to why Prioritization Group 3 registration is not then available on the county's immunization backlog platform. "Currently it is so that we still have so many people of the prioritization groups 1 and 2 in our Nachrücker pool that we have decided not to unlock the registration for members of the third group for the time being," explains the head of the vaccination center Waldeck-Frankenberg Gerhard Biederbick. "This will certainly be possible within the next week - and then communicated accordingly."