Counseling and vaccination for children and adolescents on August 28.

Many parents are currently considering whether to have their children vaccinated against the coronavirus. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg is offering assistance - and is organizing a consultation day at the Korbach vaccination center on August 28. Parents, children from twelve years and adolescents can come to the center on that Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., get information and advice about the vaccination - and get one if they wish. Registration is not necessary.

Individual decision

For this purpose, several pediatricians from Waldeck-Frankenberg will be on site on this day to advise parents on all questions concerning the immunization of children against the coronavirus and to weigh up the pros and cons together with them and their children. Parents should thus be supported in their decision-making on this issue. "There are good reasons to have your children vaccinated. This is an individual decision for each family," says District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat. "We want to give parents the best possible support in this situation - and offer them advice that can be followed by vaccination of their children, if desired." The vaccine from BionTech & Pfizer is vaccinated.

Protecting even the youngest in the best possible way

Children and young people are the ones who have been hit particularly hard in the pandemic, he said. "I therefore want to do everything possible to protect our youngest as well." In doing so, he said he respects the decision of parents against vaccinating their children, but also wants to support those who decide to vaccinate after careful consideration and medical consultation with their pediatrician. "The fact is that children cannot be expected to face again a situation with home schooling, deprivation of recreational opportunities and bans on contact as has been the case in recent months," the district administrator continued. "Vaccinations should be allowed to take place where they are medically recommended and safe."

Prepare documents already

It is important to note here: If children and adolescents wish to be vaccinated on site on this day, written consent from both parents is required and a parent or guardian must also be present for the vaccination. As a precaution, it is therefore strongly recommended to download the necessary documents from the Internet in advance, fill them out and sign them. If, after the consultation with the pediatrician, the decision to vaccinate has been made, it can thus take place directly at the vaccination center. Parents, children or adolescents who decide against it after the consultation can then simply destroy the prepared documents. The education and medical history forms for the mRNA vaccine can be downloaded online at

District Administrator and First District Commissioner and Head of Health Karl-Friedrich Frese continue to appeal once again to all adults to get vaccinated if possible - for their own safety and also that of the community. But especially also for the protection of children. Vaccinations in Waldeck-Frankenberg continue to progress - but the demand here has continued to decline. "We urgently need to counteract this so that the situation does not worsen significantly again in the fall. Everyone can do their part," the district leader concluded.

If possible, you should bring your health insurance card, ID card and yellow vaccination certificate with you to the vaccination so that the vaccination can be entered there. Further information is also available via the hotline of the vaccination center at Tel. 05631 573 08 89.