Child Day Care Qualification: New Course Starts in September

A new course to qualify as a child day care worker - child minder or child minder - of the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg will start in September 2021. The course is run by the district adult education centre. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg calls on all interested parties to register for the qualification by 24 August 2021 .

Once again, the basic qualification is based on the "Competence-oriented Qualification Manual for Child Day Care" (QHB), commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and developed by the German Youth Institute. It comprises 300 teaching units, divided into a preparatory phase with 160 teaching units and an accompanying phase with 140 teaching units. In the first phase, all the skills necessary for working as a day care worker are taught. The second phase expands and deepens the existing competences.

Linking theory and practice is a central component of the qualification. At an early stage, the participants are given the opportunity to personally experience the requirements of the field of work through internships in day care centres and with experienced child minders. In addition, the future childminders are trained in various areas of early childhood education, in the shaping of relationships and in the development of an educational partnership with parents. Further components of the training are the structure of a child day care as well as the legal and fiscal aspects and participation in a first aid course on the child or in an infection protection instruction.

Registrations are accepted by the district's child day care counsellor, Ms Monika Padberg-Koert, tel. 06451 743-781, email, and Ms Rebekka Steuber, tel. 05631 954-545, email They can also provide further information on qualification as a child day care worker.