1 million for the Südring day-care centre: District Administrator hands over funding notification

Good news for parents from the Korbach area who are looking for an optimal care option for their children of kindergarten age: District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat was able to hand over a funding notification in the amount of 1.07 million euros for the construction of the Südring/ Medebacher Landstraße day care centre. The facility will be run by the German Red Cross in cooperation with the city of Korbach, so DRK Managing Director Christian Peter was pleased to receive the funding notice.

District Administrator Dr Kubat explains: "The 1.07 million euros are federal funds from the Childcare Financing 2020 - 2021 investment programme and are to be supplemented by 120,000 euros in state funds as soon as they are released." According to the wording of the decision, the federal funds serve to expand and maintain a needs-based infrastructure in the area of education, upbringing and care for children up to school age in day care facilities. With total costs of 3.3 million euros, a total of 618,000 euros in district funding has also been earmarked for the construction project.

DRK Managing Director Christian Peter expressed his gratitude for the financial support of what he described as a very long-term and successful project. The new day care centre offers space for up to 111 girls and boys, from the first year of life until school enrolment. Three crèche groups and three kindergarten groups will fill the building with life. A kitchen and a bistro are also part of the space plan. Construction is scheduled to start in the spring of the year that has just begun.

Beate Friedrich, the district's women's representative, who has been campaigning for company childcare for employees of the district administration since 2017, is also pleased about the imminent start of construction. This led to cooperation with the city of Korbach, which was looking for a building site for another kindergarten due to the high demand for childcare places - and found it in the Südring site. After a call for tenders, the DRK was finally found as a suitable provider for the day care centre. "In this way, some of the day-care places can also be reserved for district employees and those of the neighbouring authorities," Beate Friedrich is pleased to say. "The best prerequisites for reconciling work and family life even better.