Daycare center expansion in Sachsenberg receives funding

New parents can rejoice: The Sachsenberg Protestant kindergarten is being enlarged - and space is being created for another crèche group in the Lichtenfels daycare center. The district is also supporting the building project. First District Councillor Karl-Friedrich Frese presented Lichtenfels Mayor Hennig Scheele with a further funding notification for around 175,000 euros.

Kindergarten places are in great demand. At the Sachsenberg kindergarten, too, everything is already fully booked for this year. In order to respond to the demand and offer more space for the children, Mayor Henning Scheele is planning to expand the kindergarten. "We are very happy about the support and are grateful to be able to tackle this project now," he explains. The district had already contributed 106,500 euros to the project last year. In addition to this amount, the city of Lichtenfels will receive 175,000 euros from a federal program and further funding of 23,000 euros is still to follow from the state.

"It is important to us to support the expansion of daycare centers in the district and thus create more places," says the First District Commissioner. "The need is there. That's why we want to support this measure with a further 35,500 euros once it has been successfully completed." In order to be able to increase the quota of places in the meantime, the city had previously obtained a special permit to also use the old kindergarten. However, this cannot and should not become the rule. The kindergarten director Sven Schramme initiated the expansion together with the city of Lichtenfels. The implementation of the project amounts to an investment volume of around 710,000 euros. Construction work is scheduled to begin in 2021, so that the new kindergarten will be able to accommodate an additional kindergarten group upon completion.