After the center opens: Over 80s to be vaccinated first

The vaccinations against the coronavirus in Waldeck-Frankenberg have started. Vaccination is carried out in accordance with the vaccination ordinance of the federal government and the vaccination strategy of the state of Hesse: According to this, people and staff in medical and old people's and nursing homes, as well as people over 80 years of age, should be offered vaccination first. Vaccinations in county facilities are already underway. People over 80 years of age who do not live in facilities should, according to the current status, be given their turn first, as soon as the vaccination center is put into operation.

"When our vaccination center in Korbach will open its doors, however, has not yet been determined at this point in time," informs Karl-Friedrich Frese, First District Commissioner and Head of the Health Department of the district. This would require a further instruction from the state of Hesse, which also organizes the vaccine supplies. "One thing is certain, however: as soon as our center opens in Waldeck-Frankenberg, the over-80s who do not live in facilities but still at home, for example, will be the very first to whom we will make an offer of vaccination. We will also find solutions for people with limited mobility. Everyone who wants a vaccination will also get one."

When that will be, however, is not yet certain at this point, he said. "What is important, however, is that people over the age of 80 do not have to take action themselves right now - nor do they have to sign up or register anywhere," Frese added. "As soon as we can make the vaccination offer for these people, we will immediately and comprehensively inform about how the path to vaccination will proceed," says the department head - and asks for understanding that in the current situation no more concrete statements can yet be made, especially about when the vaccination center with which vaccination options will go into operation. "We are also still waiting for the exact information from the state of Hesse on this."

Against this background, it is also urgently requested that the hotline of the district's specialist health service not be used for the time being for questions relating to the vaccination sequence - but that it be kept free for people who have specific questions relating to infections, quarantine and safety measures. "I understand very well that for many older people in particular, vaccination is very important, or relatives may want to find out about it for their parents or grandparents, but at this point I ask for a little patience until all the procedures are in place. The people in the district can trust that we will provide comprehensive information as soon as everything has been determined."

The fact that a vaccine against the coronavirus is now available at all is a milestone in medical history for District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat: "We have a vaccination available with which we can open a new chapter in the fight against the pandemic. As a trained biologist, but above all as a human being, I have great respect for the excellent work of all the scientists, which gives us hope for an early return to the normality we all long for."