Federal emergency brake expires as of 3 June

On 1 June, the incidence in Waldeck-Frankenberg, with a value of 60.7, is below the threshold of 100 for the fifth working day in a row. The requirements of the federal emergency brake therefore cease to apply for the time being on Thursday: as of 3 June, the regulations of stage 1 of the current Hessian state ordinance, which allows for cautious relaxations in some areas, thus apply. The curfew in Waldeck-Frankenberg is thus also lifted for the time being.

Contact restrictions

Only members of two households are allowed to meet in public spaces. For gatherings in private homes, a restriction to one household and one other is strongly recommended. The contact restrictions do not apply to gatherings attended exclusively by vaccinated or recovered persons. Nevertheless, compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations is also strongly recommended here.

Body-related services

Body-related services are permitted by prior appointment if physical contact is reduced to a necessary minimum. For personal care services such as manicures, cosmetics, hairdressing or similar, clients must provide negative proof. Negative proof is written proof of a negative Corona test not older than 24 hours issued by an official testing centre, a self-test conducted on site under supervision, proof of full vaccination protection or convalescent proof.


The retail trade is still closed as a matter of principle. Exceptions are, however, grocery stores, direct marketers, health food stores, weekly markets, special markets and comparable sales events, baby markets, pharmacies, medical supply stores, drugstores, opticians, hearing aid acousticians, petrol stations, kiosks, bookstores, florists, garden markets, building and DIY markets, spare parts outlets for motor vehicles and bicycles, pet supplies and animal feed markets and wholesalers. All other shops such as fashion shops, furniture shops or shoe shops may open for shopping with an appointment, provided that the hygiene rules are observed. Negative proof is recommended here.

Gastronomy & Tourism

Outdoor catering services are permitted with negative proof of patronage in accordance with the provincial ordinance. However, outside the seating area, a mouth-nose covering must be worn. Tourist overnight stays are permitted if guests can show negative proof upon arrival. For stays of more than seven days in an establishment where common areas are used, such as the dining rooms or sanitary facilities, negative proof must be provided twice a week. Recreational facilities remain closed with the exception of outdoor areas of zoos, animal parks, botanical gardens, amusement parks and outdoor recreational facilities such as summer toboggan runs, mini-golf or football fields. Tourist bus and rail transport and excursion boating are permitted with negative proof.

Stabilise incidence

However, the regulations of the Hessian state ordinance only apply as long as the incidence remains below 100. If the incidence rises above 100 on three consecutive days, the regulations of the federal emergency brake come into force again on the day after next. According to district leaders, it is all the more important to remain prudent despite relaxations. "Together we were able to bring down the infection figures," say District Administrator Dr Reinhard Kubat and First District Councillor Karl-Friedrich Frese. "In addition to the measures introduced, this is above all thanks to the people in Waldeck-Frankenberg who have kept to the rules." Now it is important not to jeopardise what has been achieved and to stabilise the incidence and further reduce it in the long term in order to secure the loosening of the rules. The district has summarised the most important questions and answers about Lockerungsstufe 1 and the associated regulations that apply according to the Hessian state ordinance online at www.landkreis-waldeck-frankenberg.de/rechtlichefragen. If possible, even further-reaching lockups are possible in stage 2, which takes effect if the incidence after reaching stage 1 is below 100 for another 14 days or below 50 for five days - and then from the next day onwards.

Use of the LUCA app recommended

To complement hygiene concepts in any area, the district also recommends the use of the LUCA app. It enables encrypted digital contact tracking via smartphone. People who have downloaded the app onto their mobile phones can use it to check in via a QR code when visiting restaurants or hairdressers, for example. The application registers the visit. If it turns out afterwards that one had unknowingly come into contact with someone infected with Corona during the visit, the district health service can contact the user quickly and easily - and thus trace and interrupt chains of infection in an even more targeted manner. Protection against infection and spread of the virus can thus be further increased.

The app works like this: You download the application onto your smartphone. When you register, you are asked to enter your contact details. After a few clicks, the app is ready to use. Via QR codes, you can log in to localities - for example, at a table in a restaurant. If it turns out afterwards that one had contact with an infected person, one is informed about the Corona outbreak - without having to evaluate handwritten lists with contact data. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg also already uses the digital form of contact tracking in its administrative offices - for example, at committee meetings or the few official meetings that are not possible digitally.