Mobile vaccination: Let the elderly and sick go first if possible

This week, vaccinations have started in the mini-vaccination centers set up by the district and the medical profession. The demand - especially for booster vaccinations - is enormous, but the amount of available vaccine is unfortunately currently limited. The county is therefore calling for older and sick people to be given priority whenever possible.

Too little vaccine
The lines of people wanting to be vaccinated in front of the vaccination centers in Korbach, Bad Arolsen, Frankenberg, Bad Wildungen and Sachsenhausen were long this week. Numerous people willing to be vaccinated came to get their first, second or third prick. Some still couldn't get a vaccination. "The willingness of these many people to be vaccinated is extremely positive. This makes it all the more regrettable that we were not able to make an offer to everyone on the spot," says First District Commissioner and Head of Health Karl-Friedrich Frese. "We are currently clearly feeling the cap on the vaccine by the federal government. However, we are making the most intensive efforts to generate larger quantities again in the short term. Everyone who wants to should then get a vaccination."

Let the elderly and sick go first
Until that time comes, the currently small amount of vaccine available is now being allocated in such a way that all centers in Korbach, Frankenberg, Bad Wildungen, Sachsenhausen and Bad Arolsen can offer vaccinations, at least to a limited extent. Again, however, not all those willing to be vaccinated will be able to receive a vaccination in the coming days. "We would therefore like to call for older and previously ill people to be given priority until further notice, if possible," Frese solicits everyone's solidarity. According to the STIKO, everyone whose basic immunization was six months ago is entitled to a vaccination. However, this cannot be served at present yet. "As soon as we can order larger quantities again, we will extend the vaccination offer clearly and for all", so the First District Commissioner further.

Have documents ready
Regardless of whether it is a first, second or third vaccination, people should bring the following documents to the vaccination on site at the mini-vaccination center: Health insurance card, identification document, and immunization record if possible. Those who have already been vaccinated should also have the documents of their first or second vaccination ready. In addition, the "Information sheet for vaccination against Covid-19 with mRNA vaccine" must be brought along. Furthermore, the "Medical history and consent form for vaccination against Covid-19 with mRNA vaccine" must be brought along. Both documents should be already filled out completely if possible.