Request quarantine notice online now with just a few clicks

Since recently, the quarantine notices in case of a corona infection are only available on request. Previously, they could be requested by telephone via the health department's hotline. Now this is also possible online.

As a reminder, many infected persons no longer require a notification, as the quarantine is valid and obligatory without a letter from the public health department due to national regulations. However, anyone who still needs a quarantine notice, e.g. for the workplace, will of course still receive one upon request. A positive PCR test is required for the notice to be issued - a positive citizen test is not sufficient. However, employers can also apply directly to the Darmstadt Regional Council for loss of earnings from employees with the positive PCR test result.

With the help of the new button on the county's website, those who have tested PCR-positive now also have the option of requesting their quarantine notice online if they absolutely need it. Alternatively, they can still request it by phone by calling the health department's hotline at 05631 954-555.