New students and trainees in the district administration

Apprenticeship or dual studies? This year, District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst and First District Councillor Karl-Friedrich Frese welcome a total of 13 new trainees and students to the district administration, who began their new phase of life on 1 September. A stage of life that comes with a lot of excitement and curiosity.

"I wish all students and trainees many interesting impressions and a good start to their training in the district administration," said District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst, welcoming the newcomers. 23 specialised services with different focuses and challenges make up the district administration. In the three years of their administrative training and their Bachelor of Arts Public Administration degree programme, six trainees and five students will experience some of these specialised services and thus gain an overview of the activities in the administration. "To give the trainees as many insights as possible, they will spend three to four months in different departments. The specialised services of personnel, finance and a specialised service in the social area are obligatory," explained the First District Commissioner Karl-Friedrich Frese. The students in the area of administration always alternate between university and practical phases.

The specialist services of construction and information technology and digital administration are also getting reinforcements again this year. An apprentice as an IT specialist for system integration and the prospective Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering will gain a lot of new knowledge in these areas over the next three years. "We are really pleased to welcome so many new dedicated employees," added Andreas Mann, Head of Human Resources.

In total, the district currently has 13 young people in training as administrative assistants, 16 civil servant candidates in the higher service, 3 IT specialists for system integration, two students in the field of social work and two students in the field of civil engineering.

Anyone who is still looking for a training or study place for the coming year can still apply online on the district's website until 30 September. Those who would like to get a taste of the administration first can also submit their documents for a traineeship. More information on training and further education opportunities in the district administration is available online on the district's website at

Caption: 13 new trainees and students are welcomed by the management and staff of the district administration.