Women's Office organised summer holiday for single parents on Sylt

This year, the district's women's office again organised a leisure time for single parents. It took place during the summer holidays on the North Sea island of Sylt. The ideal location and facilities of the accommodation, the Jugendseeheim in List, provided a variety of opportunities and starting points for their own activities. 30 participants had a lot of beach and bathing fun for a week in the bright Sylt summer weather.

But swimming and going to the beach were not the only things on the programme. The day began with a yoga programme, relaxation and spinal gymnastics under expert guidance, a creative evening and a games evening provided a common end to the day. The seabed was explored on a mudflat hike, a mini-golf tournament and a dance workshop contributed to the entertainment, as did a visit to the cinema. And of course, a concert and disco evening was not to be missed. The North Sea holiday guests were unanimous: an all-round successful leisure time that can be repeated next year.