Symposium "Digital Childhood and Youth" on January 25

The Hessencampus Waldeck-Frankenberg, in cooperation with the Prevention Council of the City of Korbach and the Network against Violence North Hesse, invites mainly professionals from schools and youth work to a specialist day on the topic of "Digital Childhood and Youth" on January 25, 2023. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on this Wednesday in Korbach's community center, renowned speakers from the specialist center for media addiction "Return", Hanover, will be available for specialist lectures and workshops. Participation is free of charge, a lunch and coffee break are planned.

When it comes to the use of digital media by children and young people, the balance between "too much" and "too little" is not easy to determine. On the one hand, it's hard to imagine our everyday lives without smartphones, tablets and the like - on the other hand, we all feel we spend far too much time in front of screens of all kinds. It seems almost impossible to effectively limit the exposure of children and young people. At the same time, they are subject to special dangers, because hardly anyone knows what they are really doing on the Net. In this context, the symposium will look at the role of media in the socialization process and provide information about the effects of computer games, social media and the like on psychosocial development.

On the morning of January 25, the speakers will give presentations on "Childhood Unplugged - Growing Up of Children and Adolescents in the Age of Digital Media" and "Effects of Media and Reflection on One's Own Attitude. In the afternoon, there will be the opportunity to take part in two of the three workshops entitled: "The role of parents in their children's media use" as well as "Always Online - encouraging young people to use media critically" and "Tablets out - class work! - Digitization and education".

Registrations for the symposium will be accepted until January 16, 2023 by the Hessencampus Waldeck-Frankenberg at the e-mail address . There you will also find more information about the speakers and the content of the lectures and workshops.



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