Geotope of the Year: Geopark calls for proposals

The Riesenstein near Naumburg-Heimarshausen and the Dohlenfelsen near Frankenberg, but also the Hollenkammer near Volkmarsen: They have all already received the honor of being named Geotope of the Year. Based on suggestions from geologically interested laypeople who wander through the GrenzWelten National Geopark with open eyes, an expert jury has been selecting a geotope for the honor every year since 2017. Proposals can be submitted again in 2023 - the Geopark project office will accept them until March 1 and looks forward to a lively participation.

Earth-historical formations of inanimate nature that provide insights into the development of the earth and life - this is the definition of geotopes. Examples are outcrops of rocks or soils as well as special natural creations such as karst caves or rock formations. Geotopes also have a special geological significance, are rather rare or admirably beautiful, in other words worthy of preservation as a geotope. They are just as valuable for science and research as for the teaching of nature and local history.

If you, as an individual, a citizens' group or an association, would like to submit a proposal for the Geotope of the Year 2023, you must include a short description of the formation and justify why this particular geotope should be honored, i.e. what makes it stand out from the others. The Geopark jury will select the winner(s), who will then be presented to the public in late spring. Suggestions take the Geopark border worlds under the address on Lülingskreuz 60, 34497 Korbach, by telephone under 05631 954-512 or under E-Mail against. There you will also find further information about the Geotope of the Year or about the Geopark in general.


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