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Environment and climate protection

Environment and climate protection

The Environmental and Climate Protection Department is divided into four areas that deal with tasks in nature and landscape protection, water and soil protection, climate protection and geotourism. Whether it is the protection of groundwater, the soil with its diverse functions or nature as a habitat for many animals and plants, but also with its important recreational function for humans: The goal is to sustainably guarantee natural resources for all living creatures, also in the context of climate change.

Service topics around the environment and climate protection

How do I deal with wasps' nests? When am I allowed to prune trees and shrubs? A lot of useful information on service topics for citizens can be found here.

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Nature conservation

Nature and landscape in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district draw on a wealth of resources. The diverse landscape makes the region a rich cultural area. Preserving this diversity is important for people and animals.

Water and soil protection

Water and soils in Waldeck-Frankenberg must be kept in a good ecological condition. This means that water bodies are anthropogenically influenced but still have a rich, balanced ecosystem.

Climate protection

Within the framework of climate protection management, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district takes care of sustainable and climate-relevant issues - and works closely with the Waldeck-Frankenberg climate team.

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Time travel through the history of the earth

The GrenzWelten Geopark invites you to discover geological, historical and cultural development on the eastern edge of the Rothaargebirge - also virtually and interactively.

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