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Nature conservation

Nature conservation

Nature and landscape in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district draw on a wealth of resources. The diverse landscape makes the region a rich natural area. The preservation of this special diversity is important for humans and animals. The Environmental and Climate Protection Service ensures compliance with nature conservation laws. It is involved in approval procedures and issues statements so that nature conservation concerns are taken into account in construction projects or land consolidation procedures, for example. It coordinates landscape management measures, implements species protection projects and contributes its expertise to land management. It monitors natural phenomena that are particularly worthy of protection. The team of the specialist service also advises the towns and municipalities of the district in their urban land use planning and is available to the public as an expert contact and appropriate advice on species conservation issues.

Species protection

Here you will soon find detailed information on species protection.


Here you will soon find detailed information on nature conservation interventions.

Biotope protection and landscape conservation

Here you will soon find detailed information on the topics of biotope protection and landscape conservation.


Discover natural monuments

Waldeck-Frankenberg is home to many natural monuments - individual creations of nature which the district has placed under special protection because of their rarity, peculiarity or beauty.

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