Think tank and new forms of work: County promotes urban laboratory

The development and establishment of an urban laboratory with coworking spaces is being supported by the district with up to 30,000 euros as part of the "Starke Heimat Hessen" program. The corresponding funding notice was handed over by District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst at a meeting on site.

"With this support, we want to promote the think tank and new forms of work," says District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst. "There is no resistance here, only open doors." The laboratory character is at the forefront of the project: ideas, but also problems, are to be worked on together as a team. The city lab provides support and offers space for further development. Creativity, synergies, flexible working - and thus making new working worlds tangible - are essential goals. In particular, the principle of chance encounters, from which good collaborations can arise, is in the foreground.

The funding is intended to help provide the infrastructure so that more people can work from locally. In this way, the district town of Korbach and the district hope, among other things, not only that different user groups will be brought together, but above all that more people will stay in the rural area and have to commute less. Since the city lab is to be clearly oriented toward participation processes, new synergies can emerge.

"With the project, we want to create modern work opportunities for freelancers, small start-ups, business travelers or other professionals in the district who do not have their own office space on site themselves," says District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst, explaining the project. "The modern offering creates optimal opportunities for the target group to work well on the move." In this way, stakeholders would not only find more flexible working conditions, but would also be able to benefit from networking with each other.


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