Strengthening children, protecting children: Carolers visit the District House

Who does not wish to be able to go through the year sheltered and protected? For many years now, the Epiphany campaign has taken this wish into account by having its carol singers go from house to house to bring the annual blessing to people, but also to institutions and facilities. "Christus Mansionem Benedicat", the well-known C+M+B = Christ bless this house, also adorns the Korbach District Hall every year.

District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst did not miss the opportunity to personally welcome the boys and girls of the carol singers in the administration building at Südring. Whereas last year this was only possible with a small delegation outside in front of the main entrance due to the Corona restrictions, the children and young people in 2023 could now once again be welcomed in one of the meeting rooms of the district administration building.

The focus of the Epiphany Campaign 2023 is child protection, as the motto "Strengthening children, protecting children" shows, not only in the target country Indonesia of the focus region Asia, but worldwide. The campaign partner ALIT Foundation has been supporting children in Indonesia who are at risk or have already been victims of violence for more than twenty years. With its example, the foundation makes the carol singers aware that children all over the world have a right to protection and that it is the task of adults not only to demand this right, but above all to actually guarantee it. With the donations collected, the "Aktion Dreikönigssingen" also supports other aid projects for children in around 100 countries worldwide.

"I think it is great that you are so committed to helping children and young people who are not as well off as we are here in Germany," said District Administrator van der Horst, praising his young guests in the District Hall. The exemplary aid project of the carol singers is truly a blessing for girls and boys all over the world, who benefit from the collected donations. "Of course I support the campaign with my own donation," van der Horst emphasised and hoped that many people in Waldeck-Frankenberg would do the same. The goal must be to exceed the collection result of more than 38 million euros from the years 2021 and 2022.


Donation data:
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