County supports Edersee visitor center with 160,000 euros

The new visitor center at the barrier wall is currently being built in Hemfurth am Edersee. The new construction is supported by the district with a financial contribution totaling 160,000 euros. The funds come from structural development funds of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district - and help to improve the tourist infrastructure at the Sperrmau forecourt.

During an on-site meeting, District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst symbolically handed over the corresponding notice to Klaus Gier, the mayor of Edertal. A large part of the funds has already been disbursed, further payments on account will follow according to the progress of construction. "With the impressive new building, a new and modern tourism center is created at Lake Eder, where visitors can learn a lot about the history of the Wall and Lake Eder," says District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst. "This building, which serves to strengthen the tourist infrastructure at Lake Edersee, the district is therefore happy to support financially."

Also present at the appointment, in addition to Mayor Klaus Gier, were the architect of the building Christoph Hesse and klaus Günther from Edersee Marketing, which will rent the rooms in the future. The shape of the new building is inspired by the barrier wall itself and represents a piece of the wall in cross-section. The unusual architecture allows for a special visitor experience, especially inside - particularly through a large panorama window, from which one can experience the wall from a different perspective for once. In the future, the visitor center will offer interested visitors a mix of digital and analog information, where interactive experience through digital media will play a major role.

This can then be experienced in particular in the basement of the barrier-free and energy-efficient building, which offers a video installation as an exhibition and event space, in which the history of the lake is told through a film and graphic installations. The installation was overseen by project manager Uli Klein of the Edertal community. The goal is for the center to open its doors to the interested public around Easter.