With the help of SHK: New self-help group is founded in Frankenberg

Supported and accompanied in the initial phase by the self-help contact point Waldeck-Frankenberg, a new self-help group is now being founded in Frankenberg (Eder). It is called "Our life without you" and is aimed at parents, other relatives, but also friends of adolescent or adult children who have died due to an illness, an accident or after a suicide. Interested parties are welcome to attend.

The first meeting of the self-help group will take place on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, from 5 - 6:30 p.m. at Hainstr. 51 (Treffpunkt) in Frankenberg. In the future, the group will continue to meet every first Tuesday of the month at the same time and place. It is led by Ms. Sabine Pleißner, who encourages those affected to participate. "I hope that many will have the courage to take the first step and come to the support group meeting. You have nothing to lose - it can't really get any worse than it already is in this particular life situation." Sabine Pleißner's wish for "Our life without you" is to be there for each other and to strengthen and support each other.

One in ten adults will participate in a self-help group during their lifetime. Community self-help has long been a proven way of coping with illnesses and challenges in life. Members meet regularly, support and inform each other. As a result, they learn new ways of dealing with life's challenges, take responsibility for their own health, and gain more knowledge by sharing experiences with others who are similarly affected. If you have any questions or would like further information, the self-help contact point of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is happy to provide information by calling 05631 954-888 or mobile 0151 67652059.


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