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The aim of the Health Department is to protect and promote the health of the population. The classic tasks include infection control measures to prevent or combat transmissible diseases in humans, but also advice and assistance on the subject of health protection and prevention and the control of drinking and bathing waters.

Service topics around health

How do I protect myself from heat in summer? What do I need to know about drinking water storage tanks? You can find lots of useful information on service topics for citizens here.

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Medical services

Whether youth dental care, school entry examinations or medical examinations: Here you can find all information about the medical services of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.

Infection control & hygiene

Whether infection control, water or community hygiene: the tasks of the Health Department also include preserving the health of the people in the district.

Social psychiatric service

Whether for difficulties in old age, mental problems or addictive behavior: The social psychiatric service of the district supports those affected and their relatives.

Legal care

Legal guardianship may play a role in the care and support of close relatives. The district informs and supports affected persons in this procedure.

Self-help contact point

The district has set up a special contact point to bundle the self-help work in the district - and to support and promote the groups in their work.

Public Health

Preventing disease and promoting health: Public Health aims to strengthen health promotion in the long term as part of the public health system.

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Care support point

The need for care can be a great challenge for those affected and their relatives. The care support center offers assistance.

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