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Medical services

Medical services

Whether youth dental care, school entry examinations or medical examinations: Here you can find all information about the medical services of the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg. Examinations are carried out and medical reports are drawn up in the medical consultation hours in the district's health service. In addition, court-ordered and confidential medical reports are also prepared. Appointments are possible by prior appointment.

In many legal provisions, a medical examination by a public health officer is explicitly prescribed. They are often commissioned even if this is not explicitly prescribed. One of the reasons for this is that public health officers are distinguished by their particular independence as well as by their special additional expertise in the field of public administration. They work on behalf of other authorities as well as other private persons.

School entrance examinations

The school medical service examines all children in Waldeck-Frankenberg before they start school. In addition to the evaluation of the preventive medical check-up and vaccination booklet, vision and hearing as well as the child's individual stage of development are examined.

Sports medical examinations

In the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, sports medical examinations for club athletes are carried out by sports physicians commissioned to do so with subsidies from the state of Hesse, the district and a contribution from the athletes themselves.

School dental service

The dental service provides children in the schools of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district with dental examinations. The children also receive prophylactic instruction and education about a balanced and healthy diet.

School medical service

Some children need special support due to physical or mental impairments. This can be determined within the framework of the school medical service.

Official medical service

Many legal provisions require a medical examination by a public health officer. The district medical service conducts examinations, carries out assessments and prepares reports, certificates and attestations.