District offers recreational stays for senior citizens

To enable senior citizens from Waldeck-Frankenberg to enjoy a relaxing break, the district is once again offering two trips this autumn - one to Norderney and one to Bad Brückenau in the Rhön. Interested parties are cordially invited to take part; there are still a few places available.

In order for the costs to be covered, the person must have reached the age of 65 and only have a low income and assets. Low income is defined as 1,128 euros per month for single persons and 1,523 euros per month for married couples, plus accommodation costs such as rent or home expenses. In the case of married couples, the joint income is also taken as a basis if only one of the spouses wishes to participate in the holiday programme. If there are special reasons, senior citizens who have only reached the age of 60 can also be considered. This also applies to married couples if one of the partners has not yet reached the age of 65.

The three-week stay on Norderney is expected to take place from 2 to 23 November. The participants will be accommodated in the district's own holiday hotel "Haus Waldeck". The trip to Bad Brückenau is scheduled to take place from 21 October to 11 November. There are still places available for both holidays. Registrations are accepted by the Social Affairs Department on 05631 954-1218 or 05631 954-1206 or by e-mail at anja.vogel@lkwafkb.de.


Social Affairs Service