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Law, Municipal Supervision, Order, Trade & Social Security

Law, Municipal Supervision, Order, Trade & Social Security

In addition to general legal supervision and financial supervision of the cities and municipalities belonging to the district, the water and soil associations and the special-purpose associations, the district electoral management for elections to the European Parliament, the Bundestag, the state parliament, the district parliament and the direct municipal elections is one of the tasks of the district's Legal Affairs, Municipal Supervision, Order, Trade and Social Security Department. In addition, the areas of naturalization, as well as honors and awards are also assigned. Furthermore, the department deals with the legal affairs of the district administration, advises cities and municipalities in legal matters and is active for the hearing committee formed by the district administrator in appeal matters. In addition, it continues to train legal interns.

Other areas of responsibility of the Legal Affairs, Municipal Supervision, Order, Trade and Social Security Department in Frankenberg are:

  • Trade Law
    This is where violations of the Handicrafts Code and of the Act to Combat Clandestine Employment are punished, and where brokerage and non-medical practitioner licenses are issued.

  • Hunting and Fishing
    This is where hunting licenses are issued, hunter examinations are prepared, fishing examinations are conducted, and shooting is determined and monitored.

  • Weapons Law
    Weapons law permits are issued and shooting range matters are handled in the area of weapons law.

  • Explosives law
    Issuance of explosives permits for the private sector (muzzleloaders, reloaders, firecrackers)

  • Social security
    All beneficiaries who live or work in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district can take advantage of our competent support in social security law free of charge.

  • Citizenship and civil status
    Naturalization, determination of citizenship, change of first name/family name under public law, supervision of civil status offices, certification of documents for presentation abroad

  • In the field of registration, passport and identity card law, technical supervision is exercised over the cities and municipalities belonging to the district.

Broker permit

The activity as a broker, residential property manager, property developer, building supervisor or real estate loan broker is subject to authorization according to the Trade Regulation Act (GewO) and must be applied for at the district.

Pension advice

Support for people entitled to benefits: The district provides information in all matters of social insurance and takes applications, especially in the statutory pension insurance.

Waldeck State Foundation

The purpose of the Waldeckische Landesstiftung is to provide (financial) support for elderly people in need of assistance, insofar as they live in the area of the former Waldeck district. The funds for support are generated from the foundation's assets.

Social security consulting

The district of Waldeck-Frsankenberg provides information on all matters concerning social security and offers the joint acceptance of applications. It assists in obtaining evidence and forwards applications ready for a decision.

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Elections in Waldeck-Frankenberg

The county prepares and conducts European, federal, state and local elections and direct elections of the county council.

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