You have the choice!

You have the choice!

On March 14, local elections will be held in Hesse. To mark the occasion, the Waldeck-Frankenberg Network for Tolerance has launched a video project entitled "You have the choice! In it, young people deal with topics related to the election - and explain them in short videos.

Luca-Sergio Wehner, who is co-responsible for youth work in the network, has had the local elections explained to him as a moderator by politically engaged and interested young people. Among other things, the topics of voting age, absentee ballots and restrictions due to the Corona pandemic. But also cumulating and panashing and the determination of the final result will be addressed. In addition to the general conditions of the local elections, the various bodies such as local councils, city and municipal parliaments and district councils will also be presented.

Pupils, students, trainees and young people from the youth organizations of the political parties participated in the project. The result is lively and diverse videos that illuminate the foundations of our democracy. The target group for this project is young first-time voters, but the clips can also provide interesting and new content for experienced voters.

From when can you vote?

Absentee ballot

Evaluation of the votes

Parliament structure

Voting and ballot paper

Voter turnout