Support from community nurses

Support from community nurses

With support from the state of Hesse, the district employs community caregivers. Their job is to provide support for everyday problems in the run-up to serious or chronic illness or the need for care - and thus to maintain an independent lifestyle and social participation for as long as possible. They do not provide any medical or nursing services themselves, but arrange and organize appropriate support services on site.

The offer is available to all citizens in the county and includes:

  • Home visits to identify nursing, medical, (psycho-) social support or care needs
  • Planning of appropriate assistance and support services on site, together with clients and also other parties involved (family doctor, relatives)
  • Referral counseling and referral to appropriate services and assistance on site
  • -Strengthening of local networks

Elderly people in particular benefit from the service, as it can help ensure that seniors can live well in their familiar surroundings for a long time and receive the assistance they need to do so. The offer is free of charge. The contact can take place for example over the care support point and the municipalities. For advice or questions, the community caregivers can be reached by phone, e-mail, and regularly at office hours in Diemelsee-Adorf, Waldeck-Sachsenhausen, Frankenau and Battenberg. The exact times of the office hours are still supplemented.

Who is the contact person where?

Which community nurse is responsible for which areas of the county is listed in the listing below:

All community nurses can also be reached by email at .