Digitaltag 2023

Digitaltag 2023 on 16 June

Digital together: The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg has already taken part in Digitaltag in the last three years. Together with many other organisations from Waldeck-Frankenberg, it will be at the start again in 2023. The aim is to make digitisation a tangible experience. Here is an overview of the programme and the individual activities.

Our programme for Friday, 16 June:

(sorted by provider)

  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kassel Marburg

    10 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 2 pm - Online tool: Digital support in the search for training places

    Course leader: Björn Duen
    Format: online tool
    Target group: pupils in grades 8 to 13

    Brief description:
    The IHK would like to support young people in their search for a training place. To this end, it presents easy-to-use tools. IHK training atlas: The training atlas of the IHK Kassel-Marburg is a directory of training companies in the chamber district. It is an important information aid and supports pupils in their search for a training place. Searches can be made according to the location of the companies as well as according to apprenticeship occupations. With the IHK Apprenticeship Exchange, apprenticeship seekers not only have the opportunity to search for apprenticeship vacancies on a daily basis, but above all to store their own applicant profile and to be automatically informed by e-mail of suitable apprenticeship vacancies. A targeted search by occupation and region is possible.

    Registration: Here you can participate in the event.

  • Waldeck-Frankenberg District Adult Education Centre

    5 to 6 p.m. - Online event: GLS Vereinsmeister - communication and digital archive

    Course leader: Werner Hoffmann
    Format: Online event
    Target group : Associations, volunteers, SMEs

    Brief description:
    The GLS Vereinsmeister software offers all essential aspects of association work such as membership administration, membership fee invoicing, accounting and online banking. The creation of letters or e-mails, taking into account the corporate identity of an association, is an important building block for communication with members and contacts. With the support of a designer, not only can own lists be created, but also correspondence can be adapted according to own wishes (e.g. own logo, fonts). If the additional module "Document Management and CRM" is used, it is possible to archive correspondence (letters and mails) with the members/contacts concerned. Likewise, analogue documents (e.g. membership application, fee statement) can simply be scanned and filed directly. Through a digital central archive, whether locally on a server or in the cloud, all users of the Vereinsmeister can benefit from the fact that all processes can be viewed directly. Use document management to lead your association into the digital age in membership management and financial accounting, to completely dispense with analogue storage of documents. In this webinar, the above-mentioned possibilities will be presented with examples to give users a first impression. No serious changes to the software are planned for 2023, but there are some new things planned for 2024.

    Registration: Registration is required by 13 June. Register here now!

    Please note: After successful registration, you will receive a participation link via email from the vhs a few days before the course starts.

  • Youth Centre Bad Wildungen

    Full day - Digital rally: Helenental adventure hike

    Course leader: Christiane Ludwig
    Format: Digital rally
    Target group: Children, school classes, families

    Brief description: Under the motto "free and outdoors and feasible at any time", an interactive hike with the smartphone app "Actionbound" leads through the forest and the Helenental. The Bound - as this hike is called - begins and ends at the Schützenhalle in Dr.-Born-Straße. On a route of about 3.5 kilometres through the forest and valley, the adventurers are guided to exciting tasks, tricky riddles and instructive places with the help of the pre-programmed app. Points are awarded for solving the tasks. At the end of the tour, the collected results are evaluated in a ranking. The hiking route is easy for children of all ages and the paths are also suitable for prams throughout.

    Registration: Interested parties please send an email with the approximate start time of the rally to receive the QR code needed for the digital rally.

    Note: The free app Actionbound must be downloaded in advance. The media data can be preloaded at home so that the digital scavenger hunt can be played without mobile data usage.
    At home, the tour can be completed by submitting the collected data and the small competition concludes with a ranking.

  • City of Bad Wildungen

    Video: Ask the Mayor

    Target group : Interested citizens

    Brief description: What moves people in Bad Wildungen? What ideas and suggestions do you have for the future? Or what did you/would you always like to know from our mayor?

    Citizens can send their questions to Ralf Gutheil via an online form from 10 to 14 June. These will then be published in a video by the mayor on Digitaltag.

    Online citizen participation portal: Wishboard - participate now in digitalisation in the city of Bad Wildungen

    Online citizen participation portal
    Target group : Interested citizens

    Brief description: We not only want to tackle digitalisation in Bad Wildungen, but also to take all interested people with us. In order to find out the needs of the citizens, we offer the anonymous possibility to participate in our digital wishboard with ideas and suggestions.

  • Waldeck-Frankenberg Economic Development

    11 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. - Online event: The Digi-Check for businesses

    Course leader:
    Kephas Kühn
    Online event
    Target group : Entrepreneurs

    Brief description: This free offer from Technologieland-Hessen is presented on the basis of a DIGI Check that has been carried out. With a questionnaire and a direct online result, companies can use the DIGI-Check to analyse their degree of digitalisation in the company. The article also answers questions about current funding programmes for digitisation measures.

    Registration: Registration by e-mail is necessary. All participants will then be sent the access link.

  • Network for Tolerance Waldeck-Frankenberg

    Online event: Hate Speech - What do I do about hate comments and agitation?

    Course leader:
    Violetta Bat
    Online event
    Target group : Pupils in a class of year 5, 6, 7 or 8.

    Short description: Everyone who is on social media knows them: Hate comments and fear-mongering agitation. In the interactive online workshop of the Institute for Media Education and Communication (MuK) Hesse, possible courses of action are shown on what can be done if you receive hate comments or know someone who is affected.

    Registration: Registration by e-mail is necessary. One school class can participate and will receive the access link after registration.

  • Waldeck-Frankenberg district

    8.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. - Feedback interview for citizens and customers of the district administration in the foyer in the new building (Südring 3, Korbach)

    Course management:
    Digital Detectives with Nastasia Sluzalek and Oliver Merhof
    Feedback interview
    Target group: citizens of the district/customers of the district administration

    Brief description: Working together to make the administration even better, focusing on customers/citizens/users. On the occasion of this year's Digitaltag, a team of our digital detectives, together with our process manager Oliver Merhof and our project manager for digitisation, is conducting a customer survey. We want to better understand the wishes and needs of our customers so that we can further improve our service. Administration and citizens are shaping the future together.

    28 June, 9.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. - Live event: Exchange of digitisation officers in Waldeck-Frankenberg

    Course leader:
    Nastasia Sluzalek and Oliver Merhof
    Exchange talk
    Target group : Digitisation officers of cities and municipalities

    Brief description: After the kick-off at last year's Digitaltag and the desire for further exchange meetings, the digitisation experts from the cities and municipalities and the district administration are coming together to jointly shape digitisation in the district. One agenda item is an exchange on the topic of user-centricity on the occasion of the results of the customer survey.

  • Waldeck-Frankenberg District Guild of Craftsmen

    9 a.m. to 12 p.m. - Live event: The advent of digitalisation in the skilled trades

    Course leader:
    Michael Marx
    Live event
    Target group: Interested parties and pupils

    Brief description: During the event, applications of digitalisation in the skilled crafts sector will be presented in various workshops of the BBZ. The camera drone, which makes it possible to take aerial photos of construction sites or buildings, will be demonstrated. Visitors can experience first-hand how the camera drone can be used to inspect areas that are difficult to access or to capture terrain models. In the carpentry workshop, the function of a CNC milling machine will be demonstrated. Furthermore, various 3D printers are presented, which are increasingly used in the craft sector. From the production of prototypes and customised products to the production of complex components. The laser cutter will be presented, which can cut and engrave various materials with high precision. In addition to this, various CAD programmes are presented that are used in planning and construction in the craft sector.

    Registration: Registration by e-mail is necessary.