County awards state funds for protective measures at schools

The Waldeck-Frankenberg district has received more than 480,000 euros in allocations from the state of Hesse for protective measures at its schools. District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat and First District Councillor Karl-Friedrich Frese were pleased about these additional funds, which make it possible in an unbureaucratic manner to implement structural measures at schools and to procure movable economic and consumer goods that serve to protect against Corona.

"The state grant enables us to provide our schools with targeted amounts of between €6,000 and €15,000, depending on their size," the district administrator was pleased to say. "There is indeed a so-called `positive list' of the state, in which the services and goods are listed that may be procured. But this is so extensive that it is basically not restrictive."

The district itself had already initiated a central procurement of mouth-nose protection masks for the schools. These will already be delivered to the schools in the short term and will not burden the state budget that has now been made available. As part of the state grant, schools now also have the option of purchasing mobile air purification devices where this is desired. The procurement is the responsibility of the schools, as the District Administrator and the First District Commissioner once again expressly clarified. "Insofar as the use of stationary air purification devices is being considered, we have asked the schools to examine whether such a measure can also be implemented structurally," explained First District Commissioner and Head of the Building Department Karl Frese. "In any case, our specialist building management service must then be involved, which can clarify professional and technical issues."

Overall, the district administrator and the first district commissioner consider it very positive that the schools can decide at their own discretion how they want to use the financial resources provided. Each school naturally knows exactly what is urgently needed or preferred by the school community, and can provide accordingly. Schools are asked to submit their requests very promptly. This gives the district a quick overview of whether all the funds are being used or whether there are partial sums left over that could then be made available to other schools.

On the positive side, however, he said that contrary to the usual practice, the allocation of funds also applies retroactively. All measures, goods and projects on the state's positive list can still be settled for the entire 4th quarter of 2020. The district administrator and first county commissioner hope that the schools will make lively use of the funds. "We have placed a lot of responsibility in the schools' own discretion, we are aware of that, but we will be there to advise in all cases where this is requested."