Free admission to outdoor pools: district compiles information

Recently, the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg and the towns and municipalities jointly decided to use the fines issued in the past months in connection with the Corona pandemic to ensure that children and young people can use the outdoor swimming pools in Waldeck-Frankenberg free of charge during the summer holidays. The pools regulate admission differently. The district has compiled all the relevant information online.

During which period is free admission valid? Who is allowed to use the offer? And how do the pools in the various municipalities regulate admission? These and other questions are currently being compiled and constantly expanded on the website of the district - including an overview of all outdoor pools in Waldeck-Frankenberg with the corresponding contact details.

The pools usually organise admission differently: For some outdoor pools, the sponsoring municipalities issue special season tickets for children and young people for the summer holidays. Changed baths register the visit on site. The district collects all known information on the modalities of the individual pools online - and will constantly update the page. If you have any queries, you should call the respective open-air pool briefly to find out about the specific procedure. Young people are also advised to carry an identity document with them when visiting the open-air swimming pool.

Dr Reinhard Kubat, District Administrator of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, explains the motivation for the campaign as follows: "Children and young people have suffered particularly from the restrictions of the Corona pandemic in recent months. While the elderly were very much in the social spotlight, children and young people were somewhat under the radar, even though they were severely limited in their social contacts due to distance learning and a lack of sports and leisure activities. We want to give something back to the children and youth here."

The offer is basically valid for all 22 outdoor swimming pools in the district - during the entire Hessian summer holidays from 17 July to 29 August and can be used by children and young people up to the age of 18. It is financed by fines imposed in connection with the pandemic: Due to administrative offences such as violations of the mask requirement or quarantine regulations, the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg has issued fines of around 60,000 euros in the past months.