After vaccination: vaccinees are asked to deregister

Via the appointment portal of the state of Hesse, the vaccination follow-up platform of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, the family doctor or the company doctor: people who want to be vaccinated often try to get an early vaccination appointment in several ways at the same time. Once this has been done, however, they are urgently requested to cancel the other routes as well - and thus to quickly free up appointments for others. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg once again calls for this.

Currently, everyone is trying to get a vaccination appointment as quickly as possible. Registration for vaccinations at the vaccination centre is done via the appointment portal of the state of Hesse. However, vaccinations are also possible via general practitioners and company doctors. Through the district's vaccination follow-up platform, which is used to vaccinate leftover doses on one day, many people were spontaneously vaccinated at the Korbach vaccination centre last week. However, experience shows that more and more people who have registered at the vaccination centre do not keep their appointments and do not cancel them.

Do not block appointments

"All remaining doses have nevertheless been vaccinated so far through the vaccination follow-up platform," says the head of the vaccination centre and district fire inspector Gerhard Biederbick. "However, the more people who don't sign out, the more the daily planning is thrown into disarray - and thus the schedule for preparing the vaccine and allocating spontaneous vaccination appointments." All those who have applied for a vaccination in several ways and have already received it are therefore urgently requested to deregister with the other ways.

Deregistration from the appointment portal of the State of Hesse

If you have received a first vaccination via the vaccination follow-up platform, your family doctor or company doctor, you should therefore log off on the appointment allocation portal of the state of Hesse - i.e. delete your account there. This signals that a vaccination has taken place and that there is no longer a wish to be vaccinated in this way. The appointments scheduled by the state in this way can then be released very quickly for other people.

The deregistration works as follows: at you can select the button "Delete registration". This will take you to the input mask for the user data - the ID you received from the country and the corresponding password you assigned when registering for vaccination. Once you have logged in, you have the option of deleting your user account. The reserved appointment is then released again.

Deregistration from the vaccination follow-up platform of the district

If you have received a vaccination via the appointment portal of the state, your family doctor or company doctor, you should - if registered - also deregister from the vaccination follow-up platform of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. Until now, deregistration only worked if you had already received an offer of vaccination by SMS. Now, anyone who has registered in the system and no longer needs an initial vaccination can deregister from the platform at any time - even without having received an SMS beforehand. Deregistration works as follows: All that is required is to send an SMS with the word DELETE to the number 86000.

A deregistration with the family doctor or company doctor is again just as necessary and useful if one has received a vaccination via the appointment allocation portal or the vaccination backlog platform. "We call on all those willing to be vaccinated to support us and the general practitioners and company doctors here, so that planning can be further streamlined in all ways and as many people as possible can be offered vaccination in a timely manner," says Biederbick.