Geopark Guides Celebrate Summer Party on the Korbach Iron Mountain

The Eisenberg, Korbach's "local mountain", is not only known as Germany's largest gold deposit and for its visitor mine. With its location on the GeoPfad Korbach on the Zechstein Trail, it also offers interesting insights into our earth's history in several geological outcrops and through a large quarry. In the coming year, the Eisenberg is to be made even more accessible to those interested through a digital project, and preparations are underway for its implementation. So it was only natural that Geopark and Nature Park guides were invited to this location for a summer festival.

The invitation to the cosy meeting at the Goldhäuser Eisenberghütte was extended by the GrenzWelten National Geopark and the Diemelsee Nature Park. The most difficult guiding conditions and hardly any personal meetings during the two and a half years of the Corona pandemic had presented the nature and geopark guides with enormous challenges. In addition, both the nature park and the geopark consist of many different territorial settings, and the range of topics for the guided tours is correspondingly large. Despite this, the dedicated volunteers manage every year to skilfully bring all this to life - a good reason to thank the ladies and gentlemen with the summer festival.

In addition to offering guided tours, bike tours and similar excursions in the GrenzWelten and in the nature park, the certified nature, geopark and landscape guides support the two institutions in many other areas. As experts in their respective regions, they are always on hand to offer advice and assistance, help with environmental education and "Education for Sustainable Development" (ESD), and are always on hand to help with events and festivities in the two parks. In the best weather and in a great atmosphere, they were able to treat themselves to coffee and cake, talk about their home regions and spend a few happy hours on the Eisenberg.