11 buckets of dough, over 600 waffles: 1,675 euros for the children's cancer charity

Anyone who entered the Korbach district office last week was immediately hit by a tantalizing aroma of fresh waffles: the trainees and aspirants of the district administration held an action day for a good cause in the district bar - and baked waffles for the employees to donate the proceeds to the Waldeck-Frankenberg Children's Cancer Aid.

A total of 11 buckets of dough were made into over 600 waffles. The campaign raised 1,675 euros for a good cause thanks to donations from district employees. To this end, the trainees and aspirants took to the waffle irons in the canteen of the district office and baked diligently. A waffle cab was also set up for the nearby branch offices of the administration in Korbach and Dorfitter, which supplied the colleagues not based in the district office with the delicious pastries.

Diana Asmuth from the Kinderkrebshilfe Waldeck-Frankenberg e.V. was very pleased with the campaign: "The Kinderkrebshilfe supports families from the region who are in particular need of targeted help and whose children are being treated in a clinic in Kassel or Marburg, for example". Furthermore, she also pointed out once again in this context that those in need of donations can also contact the association at any time to receive support. "Unfortunately, the inhibition threshold here is still very high and we as an association can only help if we know of the need."

The idea for the charity campaign was brought to the district's trainees and candidates by the two prospective administrative assistants Diana Westmeier and Michelle Carotenuto, who were immediately enthusiastic about the idea. District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst is also pleased about the campaign of the junior staff: "The fact that our trainees and candidates are so committed to the good cause and that a considerable amount has been collected for the good cause shows that we have very motivated young people in our district administration."


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