Waste management of the district warns against illegal collection

The waste management service of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district draws attention to flyers for street collections of items that are no longer needed, which have been distributed in the municipalities over the past few days. Items such as electrical appliances, scrap metal, old tyres or porcelain are listed. This request to hand in the items is an illegal and non-permitted collection, as it is commercial and not indicated, according to the waste management authority.

By way of explanation: Private companies may only collect recyclable materials and waste if they have reported this and have proven that they have recycled them in a harmless and proper manner. A collection that has not been reported, as in this case, is therefore illegal. Hazardous waste could also be among the items collected, which could only be collected with the permission of the competent authority. Electrical appliances may generally not be collected by private collectors, but may only be collected via a distributor, a manufacturer or via the collection facilities of a public waste management authority such as the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg.

Since the collections announced in the flyer are intended to acquire profitable items, it is highly likely that unattractive items will be left lying around, and in some cases they will even be disposed of in nature at the expense of the general public. The Waste Management Department therefore asks you to ignore the flyer and not to make any items available for collection on the date mentioned there. This is because if the collected items are subsequently disposed of illegally, the person providing them can indeed be held responsible. On the specified collection date, the local public order authorities will carry out more checks on conspicuous vehicles.


Waste Management Service Illegal waste dumping