Rosenthal: District promotes area design with over 1.2 million euros

Preserving the old, rediscovering the existing, creating space for the new: The Waldeck-Frankenberg district is supporting the redesign of the open spaces at Dammrasen in Rosenthal as part of village development with over 1.2 million euros from EU funds and subsidies from the municipal financial equalization scheme. District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst handed over the corresponding funding notice to Mayor Stefan Jakob at an on-site meeting.

The aim of the redesign is to reduce traffic in this area, to harmonize public and commercial areas in a sensible way, and to create the atmosphere of a marketplace with opportunities to stay and hold events. To this end, a planning office has already been commissioned with a feasibility study, in which the citizens of Rosenthal were also involved in a workshop and were able to provide feedback. The project is planned as a central measure for upgrading the entire townscape and should also serve to strengthen Rosenthal as a core town with the existing infrastructure for all parts of the town.

Above all, the development of the Rodebach and the natural area as well as the use of the area as a residential street are to be further promoted in order to increase the quality of the residential environment through appropriate design. At the same time, the resident trade at the location is to be maintained and strengthened. According to the plans, various measures are envisaged for this purpose.

In the future, the roadway areas are not only to serve as pure traffic areas, but are to be further developed in the direction of open space character. A traffic calming effect is to be achieved by changing the traffic routing. The bus stop is also to be redesigned in this way. Two circles are to enhance the design of the area in the sense of marketplace roundels, and recreational opportunities will also be created. The currently visually dominating reinforced concrete trough, which encloses the water in this area, is to be visually redesigned for the better - through plantings on the street side, planting of the railing areas and a changed lighting pattern. It goes without saying that flood protection and fall protection will be ensured even after the measure has been implemented.

"Rosenthal's town center has grown historically, but offers high urban development potential for the entire surrounding area," says District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst. With implementation of the project, the core city will not only be enhanced in terms of design. "Spaces for people will also be created and places to meet, for example for festivities such as town anniversaries or markets. "To promote village development in rural areas, we are pleased to be able to financially support the town of Rosenthal in this project."

This will also create a world of experience for the senses: In the future, natural elements will be seen there - consisting of bodies of water, green spaces, avenues of trees, hedges and climbing plants. You will be able to hear a sound symbiosis of water, nature and people in a restrained motorized traffic environment. In the future, one can feel recreation in the recreation area and a decelerated old town center. The fruits of the newly planted fruit trees are to serve as a special taste experience, which can be harvested during harvest time as a community experience for all residents.

"The city of Rosenthal has a unique opportunity for a long time to be creative in the downtown area with such a high level of funding," says Rosenthal Mayor Stefan Jakob. "We are pleased, on behalf of all bodies about this opportunity." Further planning for the project is to start at the end of January and must be completed by October 2024 at the latest. According to the cost estimate of the planning office, the total cost of the project is more than 1.9 million euros. Eligible expenses are capped at 1.5 million euros, which is why the district's subsidy amounts to 85 percent, or 1,275,000 euros. The subsidies are EU funds and funds from the municipal financial equalization scheme.


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