Next nationwide warning day takes place on December 8

In order to be able to warn people in Germany well in the event of possible catastrophic situations, the federal government rehearses the various warning devices at regular intervals - including on the next nationwide warning day on December 8. On that Thursday, sirens will therefore also be triggered in Waldeck-Frankenberg and trial warnings will be sent to smartphones. It is important to know: The day is a test, there is no real danger.

Preparing for possible crises
Dangerous weather conditions, chemical accidents, power outages, fires and much more: situations in which the population has to be warned of dangers across the board can be manifold. In the hope that such situations may not occur, it is nevertheless advisable to prepare for an emergency - and also to practice warning the population. After all, the more familiar you are with the subject, the more independently and effectively you can act and protect yourself in an actual crisis situation.

Warning via siren, push message and new warning system Cell Broadcast
On December 8, the sirens in Waldeck-Frankenberg will therefore wail between 11 and 12 o'clock. The aim is to trigger all 272 sirens in the district - whether analog or via digital radio. In addition, those who have downloaded warning apps such as HessenWARN or NINA, etc. to their cell phones will also be informed of the trial alert via push message, provided they have activated the function.

Independently of this, all smartphone users will also be warned via mobile communications for the first time - regardless of whether they have loaded a warning app or not. Using the new Cell Broadcast warning function, all cell phone users who have loaded the latest operating system will automatically receive an SMS informing them of the warning test. The system sends messages to all compatible devices that are logged into a cell. The new system is another component in the nationwide alert mix.

Nationwide, the warning is also to be tested on December 8, among other things, via radio and television, digital warning signs or, in some regions, through the use of loudspeaker trucks. In the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, however, the test alert is limited to sirens and smartphone messages. In addition, there will be corresponding messages and information in the social media on the Facebook page and on the website of the district.

The last nationwide warning day took place two years ago. It was found that there was a need for optimization throughout Germany - which is why the day of action is now being repeated this year. The trial warning on the nationwide warning day is a practical test of the various warning devices and the procedures in the event of a warning, with the aim of identifying possible technical weaknesses in the function of the warning devices and in the warning procedures and, if necessary, eliminating them afterwards in order to continuously improve the warning of the population in the event of an emergency. In the future, the warning day will take place once a year. Further information on the subject is also available online at


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