New Geopark Geofoyer in the Borken Mining Museum

The GrenzWelten National Geopark has gained another geo-foyer. From now on, interested visitors can access a wealth of information about the Geopark at two interactive media stations in the Hessian Lignite Mining Museum in Borken, theme park "Coal and Energy". The offer is supplemented by free flyers and brochures about the GrenzWelten and the events in the Geopark. With the Borken information station, the 3,700 km² area now has a total of seven geo-foyers.

Borken belongs to the region "Eder- & Schwalmaue" in the southeast of the GrenzWelten. In this geologically youngest area of the Geopark, the focus is on the topic of raw materials, at the same time a unique selling point of the region. The guiding motto is "Between coal and gravel", derived from the former lignite mining and the most important gravel deposit in northern Hesse. But also the fossil findings of the Borken turtle shells and the settlement history of the "Ur-Hessenland" invite to an exciting journey of discovery in the region.

Geopark manager Kim Peis emphasizes that the new Geo-Foyer in Borken has created another central contact point for those interested in geology. "The potential of the region is huge, so we want to strengthen the cooperation with Eder- & Schwalmaue in the coming years and further develop their topics of coal and gravel." The establishment of the Geo-Foyer was supported by funds from the regional budget of the LEADER region Schwalm-Aue. "I am pleased that the GrenzWelten Geopark is now also becoming more visible in our region through the geo-foyer in the Lignite Mining Museum," says Sonja Pauly from the regional management of the Schwalm-Aue LEADER region.

There are further geo-foyers in the Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum in Korbach, in the Haus des Gastes in Diemelsee-Heringhausen, in the "Haus der Natur" in Waldeck-Nieder-Werbe, in the Regionalmuseum Wolfhagen, in the museum "Haus Hövener" in Brilon and in the Geopark and History Portal in Medebach.


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