Rhoden Declaration signed: Making forests fit for the future

Due to drought and pest infestation, the forests in Waldeck-Frankenberg are under great strain. Representatives from agriculture, hunting, forestry, politics and forest owners want to make the forest fit for the future together. Forest owners, foresters, hunters and hunting right holders have a special responsibility in establishing a climate-stable mixed forest in the district of WaldeckF<-rankenberg. A stable forest that can guarantee all forest functions again as quickly as possible after the massive damage of recent years is an important basis for life in the region. In order to do justice to this special responsibility, the owners of hunting rights and those authorised to hunt have joined forces and drawn up and jointly adopted the Rhoden Declaration. This is to serve as a guideline for decision-makers, stakeholders and acting persons for a voluntary, constructive and cooperative partnership in the sense of the formulated goal. This cooperation should be based on mutual understanding and appreciation.

The forest, which has been severely damaged by extreme weather events, is to be restored or replanted as a climate-stable mixed forest in the resulting open areas and endangered stands. The regeneration of site-adapted native tree species and Douglas fir should basically be able to take place according to the natural potential. Forest owners and hunters are aware that the level of game populations and the practice of hunting play an essential role in achieving this goal. Together they have therefore reached agreements and taken concrete measures to improve the native forest.

There are around 80,000 hectares of forest in Waldeck-Frankenberg, 12,000 hectares of which are currently damaged by drought, weather events and pests and need to be reforested and cared for. This is the common goal of all partners in the Rhoden Declaration. "We are required to develop a plan to make the forest sustainable and resilient," says District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst. "This has been done with this paper, which is now being filled with life. In the process, all those involved have agreed on the common goal of making our forests fit for the future together." All partners agree that this is only possible through joint dialogue and exchange and emphasise that they will tackle reforestation together as a jointly declared goal.


Waldeck Domanial Administration Rhoden Declaration