District supports safety training by the traffic organisation

There are around 20,000 road deaths in Europe every year, around 3,000 in Germany alone. In order to reduce the figures and increase road safety, the Waldeck-Frankenberg road safety organisation offers driving safety training for all target groups - and now also for senior citizens.

Driver safety training for advanceddrivers
Whether you are a novice driver, an inexperienced or unsafe road user or someone who would like to brush up on their skills: There are special safety training courses for all target groups in road traffic. Now this is also available for senior citizens in the district. Verkehrswacht Waldeck-Frankenberg is bringing a special EU training programme to the area for people of advanced age. The aim: driving instructors are specially trained to offer driving safety training - especially for people aged 70 and over.

Road accidents affect all age groups
12 driving instructors in the district have already completed the programme and offer these so-called feedback drives. These consist of a shared drive followed by a joint counselling session in which additional driving safety tips are provided. "Road accidents affect people of all ages - from younger novice drivers to experienced road users," says Claudia Schubert, Chairwoman of Verkehrswacht Waldeck-Frankenberg e.V. and Vice President of Landesverkehrswacht. "Until now, safety training has tended to be for the younger target group. This is now also available for older people." She clarifies: "This has nothing to do with the fact that senior citizens have to prove their fitness to drive or that their driving licence is at risk. That's not the case with other driver safety training courses either." The aim is simply to provide advice and refresh knowledge.

The Kreisverkehrswacht would like to anchor the programme, which was developed at EU level, even more firmly in the district - and is looking for more driving instructors, including retired driving instructors or volunteers who would like to get involved in this area. District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst also supports this: "We need to do everything we can to prevent fatal road accidents as far as possible. We are therefore very much in favour of driver safety training for target groups of all kinds and would like to thank the Verkehrswacht for its commitment to promoting appropriate measures in the district." Interested parties - both driving instructors and road users - are welcome to contact Verkehrswacht Waldeck-Frankenberg for further information on the training courses and safety training programmes. The traffic organisation can be contacted on 0171 - 698 1682 or by email at info@verkehrswacht-waldeck.de.


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