Comfort & cheer up: Sparkasse sponsors cuddly toys for children

In Waldeck-Frankenberg, there were around 35,000 emergency service call-outs last year. On average, children are involved in around three per cent of emergencies. Sometimes they are involved themselves, sometimes their parents or relatives. In any case, such a situation is particularly stressful - especially for children. For years, Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg has therefore sponsored cuddly toys as comforting gifts - and this year is no exception.

Little dragon helps with big fears
Whereas previously it was little stuffed bears, this year it is cuddly plush dragons that will be at the children's side in future: Sparkasse recently handed over 2,000 of the fluffy little helpers to the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, which is responsible for the rescue service. As fluffy crew members, they will reinforce the rescue services - and on board the emergency vehicles, they will comfort and cheer up young patients involved in rescue operations. The little dragon animals make children forget fear and pain for a moment and give them a feeling of security in the sterile atmosphere of the ambulance.

7,500 stuffed animals in 11 years
This has been made possible by Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg, which has been sponsoring the stuffed animals for many years - since 2013. In total, the local bank has already handed over around 7,500 stuffed animals to the district in recent years. The small animals have provided many good services to the rescue service providers in the district organisations of the German Red Cross in Bad Wildungen, Frankenberg and Korbach/Bad Arolsen, Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe and Promedica Rettungsdienst.

Jürgen Trumpp, member of the Board of Management of Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg, is also delighted that the cuddly toys support the work of the rescue service. "The rescue service makes an indispensable contribution to our region - day in, day out, around the clock. Fast response times and well-trained personnel are the basis for successful operations. And if the comforter dragons support this valuable work, then we are happy to help with the sponsorship," says Trumpp.

Children are always particularly
The district greatly appreciates the commitment of Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg. "We are very grateful to the Sparkasse for once again providing the cuddly toys this year," says Karl-Friedrich Frese, First District Councillor. "They not only cheer up the children, but their comforting effect also ensures that our emergency services can provide good care for the young patients." Dr Rudolf Alexi, Medical Director of the rescue service in Waldeck-Frankenberg, also emphasises this: "Emergencies involving children are always special operations. Our emergency services have to be particularly sensitive here and the little cuddly toys help in this exceptional situation."


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