Registration and request for assistance

Registration & request for assistance

People from Ukraine are currently coming to Waldeck-Frankenberg in different ways - on their own or through the official agencies. Regardless of how they came to Waldeck-Frankenberg, they should receive fast and targeted help and support.

The steps that refugees must take to receive support also depend on whether they have come to Waldeck-Frankenberg centrally via the official agencies or whether they have traveled here decentrally - i.e. on their own initiative - and stayed with friends or family, for example. Here is more information on the registration process.

IMPORTANT: The district is currently receiving numerous inquiries about the current processing status of applications of various types - from the granting of benefits for refugees to the issuance of treatment certificates for medical care and reimbursement of rental costs.

We would like to point out at this point that due to the high workload in the district administration, the processing of the cases is unfortunately currently taking more time than usual. We therefore ask you to be patient and, if possible, to refrain from asking questions about the current processing status. The employees are working under high pressure to complete the processes as quickly as possible. As soon as this is the case for your process, you will be notified immediately.

Thank you for your understanding!

Registration path for decentralized entrants

Shelter seekers who have come to the county on their own will find information here on how to register and apply for assistance.

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Registration of centrally arrived protection seekers

Refugees who have come to Waldeck-Frankenberg through the official agencies will receive all further information here.

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