Registration path for decentralised entrants

Registration path for decentralised entrants

People from Ukraine are currently coming to Waldeck-Frankenberg in different ways - on their own or through official agencies. If they come to the district on their own and stay here with friends or acquaintances, for example, there are a few points to consider when entering the country in order to register and receive support.

Friends and acquaintances of refugees or volunteers are asked to support and accompany those seeking protection in the registration process. Thank you very much!

Registration steps at a glance

To register in Waldeck-Frankenberg and apply for support services, the following steps apply:

1. registration with the cities and municipalities

Refugees should first register in the respective city or municipality where they are accommodated. The following documents/information are necessary for this:

  • Date of entry
  • Passport documents (passport, (domestic) identity card, ID card)

Here they will also be given the form to apply for a residence permit. Although the application is issued by the cities and municipalities, it must be submitted to the district.

2. application for a residence permit and identification with the district authorities

In order to submit an application for a residence permit, a personal appointment must be made with the Foreigners' Registration Office (Fachdienst Ausländerwesen ) by phone 05631 - 954 351 or by e-mail: . In this context, the applicants will first be registered for identification purposes. This means that biometric and personal data are registered and compared with a nationwide register in order to avoid duplicate applications. Afterwards, they are first issued a temporary residence permit (fictitious certificate). This is the central prerequisite for applying for support benefits in Germany.

3. applying for support services at the Jobcenter Waldeck-Frankenberg

After receiving the fictitious certificate, protection seekers can apply for support benefits at the Waldeck-Frankenberg Job Centre in person and with the help of a translator or through an online application. If you opt for the digital option, you will receive the corresponding access data for registration during a counselling interview. The Job Centre recommends submitting applications online if possible, as this can be done around the clock. Moreover, no further personal visit is necessary via the online procedure.

Note: As of 1 June 2022, protection seekers no longer have to apply for support benefits at the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, but at the Waldeck-Frankenberg Job Centre. The reason for the change is a new federal law: Protection seekers from Ukraine will then no longer receive their benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act, but under the Social Code. This regulates, among other things, financial support for job seekers and is legally the responsibility of the Job Centre.