In order to ensure the best possible planning and implementation for this large project, an organization has been established to handle the project. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, the office can help. This can be reached under the telephone number 05631 954-495, by E-Mai under or over the on-line form for contact .

Political organization: The special purpose association

In order to implement this project jointly, 14 cities and municipalities have joined forces with the district to form a special-purpose association. The special purpose association "Grenztrail Waldeck-Frankenberg" consists of an association assembly and an association board.

  • Association meeting

    The association assembly consists of honorary representatives from the parliaments of the municipalities or expert citizens who represent the interests of their town or municipality in the special-purpose association.


    • Bad Arolsen: Gerd Frese, Deputy: Jens Meuser
    • Bad Wildungen: Ralf Gutheil (Chairman)
    • Battenberg: Simone Kaletsch
    • Diemelsee: Volker Becker (Vice Chairman), Deputy: Reinhold Kalhöfer-Köchling
    • Diemelstadt: Elmar Schröder, Deputy: Dieter Oderwald
    • Edertal: Klaus Gier, Deputy: Jörg Köhler
    • Hatzfeld (Eder): Dirk Junker, Deputy: Ralf Schärer
    • Korbach: Klaus Friedrich, Deputy: Heinz Merl
    • Lichtenfels: Henning Scheele, Deputy: Ingolf Ibing
    • Twistetal: Steffan Dittmann, Deputy: Rolf Ledebuhr
    • Vöhl: Karsten Kalhöfer, Deputy: Susanne Kubat
    • Volkmarsen: Klaus Teppe, Deputy: Hartmut Linnekugel
    • Waldeck: Jürgen Vollbracht, Deputy: Bruno Arlt
    • Willingen (Upland): Jörg Stremme, Deputy: Dirk Wilke
    • Waldeck-Frankenberg District: Karl-Heinz Wilke, Deputy: Markus Budde
  • Association Board

    The association board was elected at the first meeting of the association assembly. All 14 mayors of the participating municipalities were elected. According to the statutes of the association, the district administrator is the chairman of the association board.


    • District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst (Chairman)
    • Mayor N. N.
    • Mayor Christian Klein
    • Mayor Thomas Trachte
  • Meeting dates

    The meetings of the Association Assembly are public. This means that anyone interested can attend the meetings.

Administrative organization: The office

The office is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the special-purpose association and for planning and implementing the project. During the planning and construction phase, this consists of employees from the Waldeck-Frankenberg district and the municipality of Willingen (Upland).

  • Employees Waldeck-Frankenberg district

    The Sports and Youth Work department has been entrusted with the planning and implementation of the project with the working title "Border Trail" in 2019.

    No employees found.
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  • Employees Municipality of Willingen (Upland)

    Already in 2018, Mayor Thomas Trachte had the idea to establish a mountain bike trail in the entire district. However, this mountain bike trail should not appeal to mountain bikers, as they already do in Willingen, but to children, singles and couples, families as well as seniors.

    • Christoph Bangert
    • Christina Hochbein

Organization for the planning phase

A project group has been established by the office for the planning phase. In addition, a bidding consortium applied for the planning of the project in 2019 and was awarded the contract in 2020. This project office is working flat out on the major project.

  • Project Office

    The planning office consists of three companies that have joined forces to plan the project. They are responsible for planning the trail routes, taking into account nature conservation issues, developing a marketing concept and much more.

    The office consists of:

    • Bioline (Lichtenfels)
    • Diddie Schneider (Bischofsmais)
    • Bike Projects (Ratingen)
  • Project Group

    At the beginning of the project, a project group was founded. It consists of local tourism experts, contact persons of the participating municipalities and volunteer bike specialists.