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Sports care, promotion & development

Sports care, promotion & development

Living well means staying healthy. Sport plays an essential role in this - and is always promoted and developed further by the district in Waldeck-Frankenberg. Whether it is the awarding of special sporting commitments, the development of sprinting in Waldeck-Frankenberg or the construction of sports and leisure facilities: the district is actively committed to the topics of sport and health promotion.

Promotion of sports in Waldeck-Frankenberg

The aim of the district is to promote the sports activities of the population of the district as well as sports clubs, sports associations and schools by providing sports facilities and granting financial support.

Annual sports honor of the district

In recognition of excellence in sports, each year the county honors athletes and deserving individuals in sports for their successes and dedication.

Sports development in Waldeck-Frankenberg

Sports development in Waldeck-Frankenberg is of great importance. The district is constantly working to promote and expand sports activities in various areas.


Swimming lessons for children

Swimming can save lives: The department of sports and youth work offers swimming courses for children!

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