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The Building Department deals with all issues relating to building law - from urban land use planning to building permits and building subsidies. In the field of monument preservation, the department advises on the renovation and protection of old buildings and promotes outstanding projects. The department is also responsible for the care and maintenance of Hesse's largest district road network.

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Cycling in Waldeck-Frankenberg

Whether it's everyday cycling, safe and fast cycle paths for schoolchildren or the nationwide Stadtradeln project - the district is committed to promoting cycling.

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Online development plans of the district

Before buying a plot of land, it is worthwhile for those interested in building to take a look at the development plan: It specifies how areas and buildings can be designed in an area. The plans can also be viewed online.

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The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg is happy to provide comprehensive advice on all matters that are important for the success of a building project and is the point of contact for building and planning law assessments.


In order to make life in rural areas more attractive, the district is striving for new utilization concepts with flexible monument protection, especially for older buildings. The district supports construction measures of this kind with a total volume of up to 500,000 euros per year.

GDI Waldeck-Frankenberg

The district and its municipalities have joined forces to form a joint geodata infrastructure by way of inter-municipal cooperation. This makes all geodata available electronically according to uniform standards.

Monument protection

Monuments are not only churches, castles and palaces - also normal houses or factories can be monuments. Monument protection does not mean standing still, it is only necessary to approve all structural changes with the district as the monument protection authority.

Barrier beacons and blue directional sign to the right at a road construction site

District road construction
in Waldeck-Frankenberg

To maintain and expand the country's largest road network, the district invests several million euros annually.

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