Seminar on Renewable Agriculture & Forestry on 17 September

The Ecomodel Region Waldeck-Frankenberg, in cooperation with the Falkenhof in Korbach-Strothe, invites you to an introductory event on agroforestry on 17 September. The seminar will address the questions: What is agroforestry? Can agroforestry be an answer to climate change? How do I plan an agroforestry system? Which plants can be used - from value wood or wind breakers to harvestable woody plants? Nicolas Haack, B Sc. Ecological Agricultural Sciences, leads the seminar. He gives first insights into the topic and provides impulses for methodical planning and practical implementation.

The operators of the Strother Falkenhof would like to cultivate their fields regeneratively themselves in the future. They invite all interested farmers and landowners to get to know this form of combined agriculture and forestry. Using this farm field as an example, agroecologist Nicolas Haack will discuss various aspects and possibilities of agroforestry and ask questions about the cultivation system. For all those interested in vegetable growing and solidarity farming, the operators of the Falkenhof will offer a guided tour after the seminar.

The "Agroforest" seminar will take place on 17 September from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Falkenhof in Korbach-Strothe, the participation fee is 25 euros. Registrations are possible until 14 September 2022 by email or by phone 05631 9878881. The Ecomodel Region Waldeck-Frankenberg would be pleased about a lively participation in the event.