Authorities and companies organised a health day for employees

Exercise, nutrition, relaxation and prevention all contribute to staying fit and healthy. There were therefore offers from all areas at this year's Health Day, which the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg organised together with the Office for Land Management, BARMER health insurance and Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg for all employees of the authorities and companies.

Over 30 offers
Lectures, workshops and hands-on activities: Together, all partners organised around 30 offers that could be used by all employees across all authorities. There were preventative offers such as back checks, spinal and skin screenings, vein measurements and coordination tests. The Herbert Kuhaupt Sports Centre offered sports courses for strengthening and mobilisation. Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training were also taught and there were talks on healthy eating, resilience and mindfulness.

Reduce cases of illness, promote health
"We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees and have therefore decided, together with our partners, to offer our employees a health day again this year," says District Administrator Jürgen van der Horst. "We want to reduce cases of illness, increase job satisfaction and maintain the performance of our employees through targeted health promotion measures." In order to bundle synergies, the district has once again organised the day this year across all authorities with many partners and together with Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg.

Positive feedback from employees
"The feedback from our employees was once again excellent this year," emphasises Frank Benz, Managing Director at EWF. "We focus intensively on how we can offer our customers the best local service and the best products. This is only possible if everyone enjoys their work and we work together full of energy for something. Good health and fitness are essential prerequisites for this. This is precisely why we are always happy to take part in the overarching Health Day."

There was also a lot of positive feedback from the employees of the Office for Land Management: "In addition to the wide range of offers, all participants also really enjoyed the inter-agency exchange," emphasised the AfB employees. They particularly liked the preventive diagnostics programmes. "All employees thought the activities were great," summarised Thomas Pluschke, Regional Managing Director of BARMER Korbach. "That's exactly what we want."


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