Four children sitting on the grass with bare feet

ESD School

ESD School Waldeck-Frankenberg

Thinking and acting in a way that is fit for the future: This is the goal of the nationwide initiative "Education for Sustainable Development" - also in Waldeck-Frankenberg. The district actively supports schools in the district in implementing the sustainability strategy and provides them with concrete measures for this purpose.

In addition to the ESD diploma, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district also offers elementary schools the opportunity to be certified as an ESD school: The aim is to recognize sustainable activities that are incorporated into lessons, everyday school life and organization in the long term. To become certified, schools develop two long-term projects - in addition to participating in the ESD Diploma. Growing a fruit and vegetable garden to produce sustainable food is just one example. After an implementation period of one to two years, they receive the award as an ESD school.