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Schools and education

Schools & Education

The structure of the district is characterized by small elementary schools, elementary, junior high and high schools, the so-called middle schools, four classical high schools, two cooperative and one integrated comprehensive school, six public special schools and two vocational schools, one of which has a vocational high school. The Schools and Education Department is the school authority and responsible for all school planning matters, such as school development, school organization, student transportation, school districts, school construction and school space programs.

In addition, the specialized service is responsible for ensuring care and all-day programs for a reliable school, school social work, pro-occupational orientation, and cooperation with other educational institutions such as the legally independent vocational schools, the Technical University of Central Hesse, and the School & Business Working Group.

A particular concern of the Schools and Education department is to further develop the educational landscape of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. The regional Hessencampus, projects in the field of vocational orientation and further education, but also the objectives of inclusion serve this purpose.

Digitization of schools

Digitization is an important building block in the education of children and young people. That's why the district is constantly driving it forward with a cross-departmental team to enable digitally supported learning and teaching for students and teachers.

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Schools in the district

In Waldeck-Frankenberg there are numerous locations for elementary schools, secondary schools, comprehensive schools, special schools, high schools and vocational schools.

School Social Work

Within the framework of school social work, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district supports the people who work and learn in schools.

Per career orientation

The "Pro Berufsorientierung" program already offers a career orientation phase for young people in secondary schools at the school level.

Education for sustainable development

Thinking and acting in a way that is fit for the future: That is the goal of the nationwide initiative "Education for Sustainable Development" - also in Waldeck-Frankenberg. The district actively supports schools in the district in implementing the sustainability strategy.

All day offers

Pakt für den Nachmittag, care at elementary schools or all-day schools: The Waldeck-Frankenberg district offers numerous all-day care options for children and young people.

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In Waldeck-Frankenberg, you can continue your education throughout your life. Education providers in the region offer numerous opportunities.

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